Underwater Solutions

Welcome to 5 Oceans Diving!

We are specialized in providing fast, innovative, complex repair solutions for the ship husbandry industry and offshore vessels. All repairs will be done in compliance with class bureaus to ensure approval or extend of dry-dock. 
We can also provide general vessel maintenance around the globe!

5 Oceans Diving was founded out of interest in complex underwater repairs. With our in-house knowledge and extensive network of third party vetted diving companies and vendors, we can provide our clients with globally operated fleets for (underwater) repairs and routine maintenance requirements.


Our goal is to deliver unrivaled service 24/7 and  focus on complex underwater repairs and general vessel maintenance.
From scrubber repairs, propeller repairs, habitat seal repairs and thruster exchanges, to permanent class-approved solutions.

Throughout the years we have established a world wide community with industry-certified technician divers to prevent your vessel from dry-docking.

    We are the one global resource you can rely on!