Underwater Solutions


We can provide following expertises:

Propeller Polishing and Cleaning

  • Multi-stage micro-polishing of all surfaces (with EU approved filtration system).
  • Video or still camera inspection of propeller.
  • Detailed written report with photographs (pre and post polishing).
  • Cleaning with HP jetting brushless robotic service (approved method by major paint manufacturers).

(Class) Surveys

  • Underwater examinations for extension of class.
  • Damage assesment inspections.
  • Hull coating inspections.
  • Pre and Post dry dock inspections.
  • Pre-purchase, pre/post charter survey.
  • Magnetic particle (crack detection).
  • Ultrasonic shear wave (weld flaw & crack detection).
  • Ultra thickness Measurement.

 Scrubber Repairs

  • Pipe renewal with a class approved insert.
  • Coating repairs in dry or wet environment.
  • GRE pipe laminating.
  • Welding repairs.

Propeller Repairs

  • Cold straightening bended blades.
  • Crack repair and propagation control.
  • Hydrodynamic balancing.
  • Removal of damaged blade sections.
  • Replacement of C.P. blades and blade seals.
  • Restauration/modification of hydrodynamic edge contours and anti-singing edges.

Habitat Repairs

  • Tunnel thruster - shaft seal, blade palm seal, gear case seal replacement.
  • Face seals - wet repairs and replacement.
  • Lip seals - dry repair and replacement of complete systems, seal ring bonding.
  • Propeller blade palm seal replacement.
  • Stabilizers - fin shaft seal, crux seal replacement.

Thruster Repairs

  • Tunnel thruster -  internal repairs and complete unit replacement.
  • Tunnel thruster - Blade replacement in dry environment.
  • Blade palm (y) seal replacement.
  • Retractable thruster replacement (and providing rigging plans).
  • Propeller and sealbox replacement or retro-fit.

Welding Repairs

  • Hyperbaric (permanent) dry welding solutions.
  • Wet repairs of shell plating and appendages.
  • Dry permanent repair and replacement of hull apertures (discharges, sea chests).
  • Dry permanent repair of shell plating and appendages.
  • Crack and cavitation repairs.
  • Anode installations and replacement.

Rudder Repairs

  • Rudder blade repair, removal or installation.
  • Rudder stock repair, removal or installation.
  • Rudder horn repair.
  • Rudder flap repair, removal, installation or isolation.

Stabilizer Repairs

  • Complete unit replacement.
  • Flap repair or isolation.
  • Seal replacement.
  • Stabilizer crux repair.


  • Salvage of overboard/lost items.
  • Salvage of shipwreck and/or sunken vessels.
  • Marine pollution control.
  • Emergency response.

Other expertise

  • Inland shiprepairs and inspections.
  • Dry-dock docking plan inspection.
  • Blankings (permanent and temporary).
  • Locks and channel inspections.

Contact us directly for an enquiry. We will do our best to provide an accurate repair or maintenance plan in a limited time frame!